Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can I?

Can I be the one
One spark in your life,
Can I be the one
To open up your eyes

Can I be the one
To warm your heart
In times of need,
Can I be the one
To love you from inside

Can I be the one
To tell you that I care,
Can I, can I, can I,
Can I be the one
To help rest your weary mind

Let me be the one
To strengthen your spirit
For tomorrow,
Can I be the one
To hold your hand
Tonight tonight,
Can I be the one
The only one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

And we never got to the weekend..

On Monday
You smiled your smile
That’s how you saved my life..

On Tuesday
You made me fly
Like a bird up so high..

On Wednesday
Confusion reigned
With what you said..

On Thursday
I tried to deny
That it’d change my life..

On Friday
I left your side
And waved goodbye..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a dream..

I want this to be
Just a dream
That I can get over
The sooner the better

I can’t tell
If you have seen
The things I believe
Vivid they seem

But if you were to understand
The things I’ve seen
In my mind’s eye
Life, love, memories unreal

Memories planted into my mind
What would our life be
Living it as I see
Just you and me

Memories I haven’t planned for
Those for which I care
Memories I want to live through
Those that scare

Feelings I feel,
Those that I shouldn’t
Feelings from dreams
Those I couldn’t

Alas they seem
More real than fake
With every passing day
My heart does ache..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh no! Not again!!!

Into the rain, I walked,
Saw you in the crowd, oblivious,
And for one moment,
It was just the two of us

Unmindful of the storm,
I took my umbrella out,
Not to deflect the rain,
But from you seeing me again

But as you neared me,
As you stared ahead,
My irrelevance,
Seemed to make no sense

Did you see me, did you not
Care for a thought,
Not a slight in your step,
No frown, no threat

And then I knew,
I was a free man, adieu,
I could bury my grief,
Turn a new leaf

But as you walked past,
They hit me through the rain,
Your smile, your scent,
And I fell in love again..

Here we go..


A few of my thoughts penned.. er.. typed down.