Saturday, July 10, 2010


A nightmarish fantasy
Of you walking away,
Felt abandoned here
In time, and space

The walls around
Turned red with regret,
Endless fear,
Was it time to repent

Where was the feeling
Where was the love
Where were those promises
We made to God up above

I felt your fingers unclasp from mine
Our arms, untwine,
The sacred thread unknot,
Was this happening, was it not

I awoke, feverish
Heaved a sigh of relief
You’d never leave
Remember promises we’d keep

It was just a dream,
things were not as bad as they seemed
Calming myself down,
I lay back on the sheets

But then I turned, seeking
Reassurance from you
Realization dawned,
That you’d abandoned me too..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never never love..

Never did I
Know that it
Could happen so soon
Without doubt

Never knew
the dangers
and perils with which
it was fraught

Never can I
Recall those
Ones and zeros
Exchanged without rest

Never had I
Foreseen it
More than ever
I gave it my best

Never could I
Be alone
When I had
You as my light

Never would I
Be forlorn
Or give up
Without a fight

Never will I
Forget the ecstasy
With which
I was carried away

Never did I
Realize it
Would come to this
Like leaves in an autumn shade

Never can I
Live here
Where memories are but
Wisps of the past around

Never shall I
Fall into it
That what was never enough
Never never love..