Friday, November 26, 2010

On higher ground..

I know i promised myself
I wouldn't hurt anymore
But times have changed & things i've heard,
Made me miss you more

Left adrift treading the sea
I ask myself how
"If you weren't sure she cared then
Why do you care now?"

Now that I know, what transpired
I guessed you would be down,
But then I admired you smiling away
Albeit with a frown

I thought revenge would mean
You rotting in hell
But you don't seem to be
needing any help

But in my pain,
To my surprise I found
What drove me less insane
Was being on the moral high ground..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Captain Spack Jarrow

You think you could make it in an instant
like a cup of coffee
But then you lose the moment
like the flash at sunset

As you step out
onto waters untread
with nothing but your will
and a mind unread

Like a tree without the sun
a bird losing its song
Its hard, so hard
Like man without a God

Then you know its time
time to unfurl your wings and fly
leaving the ground behind
and everything will turn out fine..

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm gonna miss you..

I'd look over my shoulder
Thinking you'd look back too,
Then as i saw you with another
I was struck down with horror,
That I'm the fool here, not you..

I guess I'll move along
Its been ages since you've gone
About time I put you out of my mind
No more lovers' fight,
Time for a clean slate, tonight ..

I hope you never change
Enjoying life, like a child
Without bitterness or rage
I have no hate to confide
I wish, happiness, you will find..

Now that we are through
I'll have to find somebody new
Find somebody better
But i know, forever,
I'm gonna miss you..

I'm gonna.. miss.. you...