Tuesday, June 7, 2011


From the moment i saw
that twinkle in your eye,
I knew I'd found my elixir,
of life, and joy

Waiting for that day,
To spend a moment with you,
Pursuant to a fault,
What I thought was true

We kept no secrets,
From the past,
Since the time we knew,
This would last

We moved in rhythm,
our thoughts in sync,
Like lapping waves,
passionate to the brink

All those rules broken
with our love, unspoken,
Till time unending,
till the tides would come in

But come in they did,
and the devil did they send,
You chose bitterly (i hope)
to let it end

Now battered and bruised,
I'm left to rue
Chances untaken
My loss uninsured

Those lovely eyes
black pearls, never mine,
Those tiny lips
mine would never entwine

I used to think
Love maketh a man,
But now I know
only heartbreak can

As i drift into bliss
in my mind's eye,
onto memories
that i fantasize

Another place,
another time..
Another world,
and you'd be mine..