Saturday, October 29, 2011


Though we talked for hours on end
We never talked about it,
And yet there's so much of you
that I still can't reach

I can't spurt cliches
or fancy pick-up lines,
But I wouldn't mind trying
If that's what you like

I hope I've done you no harm
or promises I've breached,
I pray I haven't gone wrong
with all those romantic schemes

I think I've grown up
Matured and changed,
And I hope I don't end up
Making the same mistake again

As I try hard to reconcile
That no matter how much I try,
You'd only be taken
By whom you want to be taken by..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost in you..

Across the sky
Diamond studded

Through space

Yet contemplating
If you'd catch me

Into your arms

from a dream
seen vividly

Brushing aside
thy tresses
upon your visage

Lost, looking,
At you
For eternity

Confusions evaporate
And my mind is as clear
as can be

Need no eyes to see
That you are so beautiful
To me..

Monday, October 3, 2011

All I Want To Do

All I want to do
Is hold you tight,
Be with you
Home and dry

Read a book
by your side,
Judge by your look
If everything's alright

Watch a movie
Arms entwined,
Count the seconds
Flying by

As I rest my weary head
Upon your shoulder,
The dread disappears
So does the fear

After all the pain
Money can bring,
Only you,
can make me feel like a king

On this cold dreary day,
All I want to do
Is just say,
I love you..