Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memory Of You

Wish you could hear this song
Playing aloud in my head,
Without you, it feels so wrong
Without you here instead

Written for your smile
Lost in your charm,
Written for the years,
You'd burrow into my arms

I'm living a million lifetimes with you
Even though you're so far,
But even with all those lifetimes
I'd still want one more

I'm a prisoner of these dreams
But so chained to reality,
A sentence to be served
Away from you for an eternity

What kept me going, yesterday,
And held me alive today,
Is the memory of you for tomorrow
Till the end of all days..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What I Need..

As I look into your eyes,
those pupils leading to your mind

When every scent pleasures you
Lingering in your sigh

When every pore on your body
feels me to the brim

As you listen to my voice
Shaped by love not whim

When you've let me fill,
Your mind, body and soul

All I need is your lips
To say, "I'm yours, my love"


I saw the most beautiful girl tonight
The wind riding her hair
I fell for her smile
which I couldn't compare

Felt an eternity pass by
in that instant
Lived a lifetime with her
in that moment

But do I open my mouth
Before I lose that second
Should I murmur or shout
See if her toes beckoned

I met the most beautiful girl tonight
Spoke to her for a while
I had to be satisfied, with her smile
Knowing, she'd never be mine