Friday, December 26, 2014

The Curse

The life of the party,
At a masquerade
Disarms with a smile,
It matters not what he says

Surrounded by divas and madonnas
Knowing only perfection,
With his body shaming Adonis,
He doesn't need to show affection

Caught in his web,
So casually woven,
She's bound, betrayed,
knowingly surrendered

Nothing she can do
Will make him stay,
His aim is to
Ravage and plunder away

But the hunter doesn't know he's hunted,
By an unkind mistress
Who leaves him drained
And in distress

A silent lady on the side,
She won't take away his charm..
She won't be his bride,
But neither will she bring him harm

Looking into the mirror,
He now curses everyday..
Left with a reminder
As she ticks away..