Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Guiding Star

I'll never understand
What it feels like to be you
To never have that nourishment
Whenever you want to

To reach out and hope
Of a life that isn't dreadful
What you dream from this world
That which you struggle through

Love based on survival
Becoming unconditional
Because you know what it's like
To live and not be cynical

I look up to you
Though you look up to no-one
No fancy needs, just dreams
shaped by your reality

I've been there and done that
With the safety of a parachute,
And that's precisely why
I'll never dream like you do.. 

The Ultimatum

Is it in my eyes
Because it is on my mind,
Ifs wheres whens whys
Our destiny is nigh

Is this a dream or reality
Ain't no shred of doubt,
Nor a question to me
That it is real enough

And if you stop to think
That its a foolish fantasy,
That its because of a drink
I may actually agree

Putting it together
And pulling it apart,
Dreaming of us forever
Oh you silly heart

Now that you think of it
Of the miracle of life I've wasted,
It's time I decide to soak in this dream
Or step outside to achieve it..