Friday, August 26, 2011

Forever from tonight..

I loved you honey from the day
you crossed my eyes,
I'm glad you said yes
with that loving sigh..

Let me show what we can do
more than just get by,
We can make together darlin' now
if we try..

If you could melt with me baby
I'd say, come on girl give it a go,
Cause I'm gonna love you
like never before..

Step by step
I'm gonna teach you, girl
Lovin' you easy just
like a swirl..

Sweet caressing like your
Loving curls,
Never ever ever gonna
hurt you girl..

Smooth and sensual,
that's my style,
I would give you all I got
just to make you smile..

Come along baby
lets get down alright,
Cause I'm gonna be
your man forever tonight..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Please stay..

Your arms are all I'll ever hold
For when you need me the most,
Your face is all I'll ever touch
As I cherish every moment unfold..

Your lips are all I'll ever need
With a smile like a Queen,
Your tresses are all I'll ever feel
Long black with their silky sheen..

In your eyes are all I'd ever see
The future, the past and everything in between,
Visions of what could be
Together eternally..

Forever and a day won't be enough
To show you all the love I feel,
So won't you please stay
And make these dreams real..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just because...

Just because I'm accommodating,
doesn't mean you should over-rule my opinions,

Just because I try to be nice,
doesn't mean you can push my limits..

Just because I'm a friend,
doesn't mean you could take advantage of me,

And just because I have a heart,
doesn't mean you have to make me bleed...