Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm heading home,
To a place without her,
I'm heading to
A place without love

I'm going back
To where I don't belong,
But it's so black
Void of her song

The scent of her kiss,
still fresh on my lips,
The memories of our bliss
Are mine to reminisce

Ah, the memories are still there
For me to drown in,
For that future,
For which I was longing

Though time will tell
If I made a mistake,
Or if I deserved this,
This dreaded heart-break

But she'll come back, won't she?
Because after all we'd been through,
whatever she meant to me,
I must've meant something to her too..

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Princess & The Frog..

You were a princess
And I was just a frog,
But for you though
I did not long

You came to my pond
And before long,
You lured me
With your incessant song

Taken by your beauty
And of what we could be,
I gave you all
A frog could give and more

You kissed my soul
And made me a Prince,
Yours I'd be
Forever, at your will

As you didn't object
I cast caution to the wind,
I thought I did everything right
To be your true king

But as I became a Prince
Strengthened by your armour without chinks
Something in you changed
That my frog-brain couldn't calculate

Because as I became your Prince
With all that you want,
You then decided
You didn't want me at all..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My all..

Why did you lead me up
Only to bleed me out,
Pull me all the way to heaven
Just to drag me down

Was it to let me know
That I was but a clown,
For every laugh I won
Was at my expense, a scorn

I gave it all away
Damning all consequences,
And I gained nothing in return
Except heartburn

But then it's not your fault
I guess I am to blame,
Because no matter how I'd re-live it
It'd just end up the same

I know I must get up 
every time I fall,
But it hurts to know, next time,
I can't give it my all..